The Journal «Intelligentsia and the World» is included in the List of the leading peer-reviewed academic journals and periodicals recommended by the Higher Attestation Committee of the Russian Federation for publication of the key results of dissertations for obtaining a scientific degree of Candidate of Historical Sciences or Doctor of Historical Sciences (as of 01.01.2019) in the following research fields:

  • 07.00.02. – Domestic History;
  • 07.00.03. – Global History.

The Journal is addressed to researches, educators, university students.

The Publisher of the Journal is a scientific and educational center «Intelligentsia and the Intellectuals in World and Domestic History and Politics» at Ivanovo State University.

The Journal’s DOI:

DOI 10.46725 — Intelligentsia and the World

The Journal is indexed in the platforms e-library.ru and www.ceeol.com (complete texts of the articles are available from Issue 1, 2008).

The Journal «Intelligentsia and the World» has been coming out from 2001 and remains the only scientific journal in Russia devoted to intelligentsia studies. It publishes articles devoted to genesis, development, and activities of intelligentsia and the intellectuals in different epochs, to their role in history and evolution of statehood, culture, religious life, international relations. The Journal has continuously been bringing up topical and debatable issues of contemporary intelligentsia studies and education in this field; the Journal informs its readers of significant conferences devoted to intelligentsia and the intellectuals. The Journal publishes the results of sociological surveys and reviews in the field of intelligentsia studies.

During the years of its existence the Journal has been maintaining a community bringing together historians, philosophers, sociologists, political analysts from around 100 universities from most regions of Russia and countries of near abroad (Belarus, Ukraine, etc.) as well as far abroad (Serbia, Bulgaria, Poland, Italy, Germany, China, etc.).

The articles are addressed to researches in different fields, university students and postgraduate students, representatives of government authorities, and socially centered NGOs.